Friday, August 3, 2018

No religion or politics at my table

A standing rule at my house, and even aboard the HQ when we have guests is 'no religion, no politics.'   To maintain peace in my house, and at work, we don't mix the two when we don't know intimately the people involved.

 So, sadly, I have been forced to delete the maritime news website 'Gcaptain' from my sidebar. Their social media people are forcing politics into their reporting, and, even overlooking their deep and abiding boners for anything embracing global warming theory, I've had enough. As it happens, my politics are not in alignment with their social media opinion pieces, but that's actually immaterial. I don't want opinion pieces about politics in my fucking maritime news. I want maritime news.

 Ship blows up. Man overboard. Company sold. Company started. Ship being built. Laws changing. Important stuff.
 How global warming could maybe possibly affect widget supply if the worst happens 200 years from now. Why this person we don't like is, like, bad for business, man.  Not important stuff.

 So, sorry gcaptain, you're done. You're Mother Jones of the maritime world now.

 So instead, I'm going to put a link to 'The Maritime Executive' which is more about maritime business and trade than down n' dirty news, but at least  their writers know the difference between news and opinion.  Check 'em out.


Will said...

Not sure how I found these guys:

Acorn to Arabella:

jon spencer said...

When G-Captian stopped having comments on the site, their politics on the site became further and further left.
I still have their RSS feed, but I skip many of the articles as they have no useful information.
The Maritime Executive is now on my RSS reader, thanks.