Monday, May 1, 2017

boo frickin' hoo

You can identify a crisis when the people who tell you there is a crisis act like there is a crisis.

Al(Jazeera) Gore and some people who play make pretend on film for a living notwithstanding, I'm apathetic because I have a half-decent background as a scientist, not in spite of it.

 Anyone who comments about consensus can 1) Kiss my big white ass, and 2), expect that I'm going to come to your house, beat you with a phrenology textbook, then sterilize you because Eugenics.


Anonymous said...

Phrenology used to be considered settled science.


Iron City said...

So did checking out the entrails of chickens to identify which of those planets and sun that revolved around the earth (center of the universe donch you know) was going to become too warm for the resident unicorns.

Heath J said...

(considers the merit and irony of ordering a phrenology text and taping it to the end of a bat for a weapon ala next battle of Berkeley...)

This has potential. They'll learn, if only through osmosis.