Sunday, February 19, 2017


I am an extremely fortunate man. I'm self-aware enough to realize that. Between good luck, good health and a good mind, I've been able to do well. Good job too. Thank God for that, especially now when maritime work is so hit or miss for too many people.

 I do pray, and do remember to be thankful when I perform my examen.

  In a few more days, I'll be leaving here, and will spend some time in Boston. My family is flying up to meet me. My mother is so fragile that I want to spend some time with her, and help one of my brothers out as we do some upgrades on my mom's house, and fine tune the assorted paperwork that goes with maintaining a familial home.  My brother is disabled, and I'm more afraid of him trying to do manual labor than anything else. He's an artist as a homebuilder, but doing what he loves to do will put him in a wheelchair if he overdoes anything. 

 At any rate, it'll be great to catch up with the B family more completely, to see everyone, but there's a shit ton of work to be done, and a lot of it falls on my wife's shoulders- girl stuff, for my mom's comfort. Clothes, redecorating, some new furniture I guess, things like that. I mean, I might do some painting, hang hardware up, etc, she's going to be busting her ass running a cleaning crew through the whole house, organizing, and cooking for us, too. Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife is a natural caregiver, and while she's often  bashful about her thick accent and endearing habit of speaking English almost correctly, she is very much a part of the B family in both name and deed. 
Also, it's pretty damn funny, but she can't say her own last name 100% correctly. My last name is anglicized slightly, but it's gaelic, and contains sounds that she just can't emulate. Also an endearment. The longer I am married to her, the more I thank God for the very obvious assist in arranging for us to meet after growing up a hemisphere apart. 



JayNola said...

Dammit Paul, your foreign wife is inappropriately hot! Hope everything goes well with the familial duties and it all gets accomplished with the the minimum of issues possible for that sort of thing.

Rob said...

Lot's of good stuff there... you're a lucky man!

Irish said...

Enjoy your time back up here in the Boston area Paul :)

Anonymous said...


Really enjoy reading your blog!

Dwan Seicheine said...

Damn! Isn't there a law against that?