Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rejoice, my brothers! Brazil's Carnival 2014 (semi NSFW)

Here's something:  Today marks the last day of Ordinary Time, also known as Fat Tuesday. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent, when Catholics like moi enter the season of fasting and abstinence prior to Easter. (Well, fasting. I'm on a floating pickle barrel of a boat. Wine and women are verboten, so abstinence is a given).

 Lent sucks. It really does. You gotta give up something you enjoy for 40 days, and there are dietary restrictions, as well, if you're healthy and able-bodied.

 BUT... fear not. Just as Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife enriched my wife and brought joy into my life by introducing me to a whole new culture and way of life. so too, I am sharing this joy with you... wait for it...

Brazil's 2014 Carnival season wraps up today. Check back here often and oftener for pictures. Even though you and I couldn't be there this year, we have God's gift to men, the Web, for some second-hand ogling of Brazil's celebration. Stay tuned.

For some reason, a whole lot of Germans went to Brazil on Vacation in 1942 and never came home.

Brazil is an example of Hybrid Vigor, the optimization of gene lines that comes from mixing ethnic groups.

A masculine-dominant culture, you might notice the difference in idealized female body forms compared to the US.

The bunda is a matter of great concern and discussion

Any place where paint is a reasonable substitute for clothes is OK in my book.

Body paint IS an art form, as you can see here.

This lady is about your mom's age. Dem's some fine genetics!

God bless the Brazilian Wax, from whom all good things flow. 

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