Wednesday, January 1, 2014

'for what we are about to receive...'

So, we're at anchor, waiting a few more hours for a berth to open up at the local rent-a-tank oil terminal to take on a mid-sized cargo load. And there's snow coming. Maybe. The storm is less than a few hours away and still, none of the pointy heads can tell us exactly how much snow we're going to get here in the New Yawk area. we're having trouble predicting the weather 6 hours in advance of a storm.

...and yet people keep telling me I'm an obstructionist because I am skeptical of claims to be able to predict global weather and temperature patterns for the next several centuries?

 Yeah, yeah, weather is not climate. Except when it's warm or bad weather. Then it is. Totally.

 You know what's the important take-away here for me? For the next 24 hours, 5 of my 10 cargo tanks will have hot oil in them, which means no shoveling necessary on that section of deck, so thanks to the giant Chinese conglomerate who's paying a million bucks or so for a months' worth of fuel for their ship.


Tower Todd said...

Happy new year Paul. Stay safe and looking forward to your posts in 2014. Always like to read your blog.


Paul, Dammit! said...

Thanks Todd! Hey, you need to get your blogger ID to point people to your new address!

Tower Todd said...

Paul, I'm still a newb at this stuff. Thanks for the hint. I'll work on that. Todd