Thursday, June 6, 2013

They see me rollin

Halfway there!     crew change was yesterday, which means that I'm mid-way through this trip- 2 weeks to go!

It's been a week and a half or so since my bout with food poisoning. Everything's getting back to normal health-wise, so I figured I'm ready for a challenge, and made chili.   Somewhere between "Oh, God my tongue" and "Satan Triumphant" heat wise.

h/t to Tom Kratman for the chili heat index labels.

 With 3 solid days of heavy rain forecast, I spent some time this morning airing out the foul-weather gear and boots and such. I hate hate hate consecutive days of shit weather this time of year. It's a race to see if I soak through my clothes from rain if I go out uncovered, or soak with sweat if I wear my wellies and orange rain gear. Either way, diaper rash is imminent.

Yesterday started needle gun season. For those of you not in the know, a needle gun is a pneumatic hand-held tool containing about 50 1/8" steel rods that stick out of one end, and vibrates rapidly, cutting rust off of good steel. It's slow going, requires you to wear a respirator or mask, goggles and earmuffs and the unit weighs about 8lbs and makes you drag an air hose behind you. Dirty, loud, messy work, but necessary to keep a boat from rotting from the inside out. Makes for a long day.

Back to reality today, though, with a 3-fuel combo delivery, and another for tomorrow. No time for love, Dr. Jones.

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