Tuesday, April 16, 2013

much needed Brazilian beauties for you

So, my mom's house is about 6-7 miles across the harbor from Boston, and my brother and sister, both of whom were there today, heard the blasts from the Marathon bombs. My brother assumed that he was hearing ledge blasting or pile driving going on at the Fore River bridge construction site a few miles away. Quite a shock to hear otherwise, I'm sure.
       As for me, I heard about it on Facebook,of all places, and turned the news on. Pretty raw stuff.
 Enough said.  I called my wife and checked in, told her about it; makes me nuts, sometimes. Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife watches the daily news in Brazil, rather than here... then again, having seen what passes for news on TV these days, she's not missing much. Anyhow, it was quite a thing. I had to knock off early, as I've got the midwatch tonight, anyhow, but as you can imagine, there wasn't much sleep to be had, and what little sleep there was, well... shitty, weird dreams.

So, in an effort to bring some much needed sunshine into our lives, here's some of the important news from Brazil for you to see. Enjoy.

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