Friday, June 19, 2009

short shorts

Things happening now:

1). I discovered Wawa. You should too. They piss excellence.

2). Home Alone: Inappropriate Hot Foreign Wife and The Boy are in Brazil, being tan and beautiful as I type. I am, unfortunately, home. Empty nest, first time. Strange. I used to love being home alone when I was single. Now it's kinda awful.

3). Rain. I haven't experienced 48 rain-free hours in 3 weeks now.

4). Hot Flashes and Mood Swings- I'm reducing my caffeine intake for two weeks to ramp up for the next work cycle.

5). Sweet release. I'm now a trusted employee in my now job, which means no more hot racking

6). Lack of inspiration, and also, lack of sleep, lack of wife, etc., leading to #7,

7) Apathy.

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