Sunday, April 26, 2009


Where I work, if you're not the first one awake, you might just get a warm hot dog stuck in your mouth for a wake up call. For what it's worth, I took this picture, and I'm proud to report that I never was on the receiving end of that tube steak.

I need to go home. Inappropriately Hot Foreign Wife is waiting. If I were smart, I'd take a job at McDonalds and spend nights with my family instead of sniffing fumes on a tank barge.

Better days. It's a long way from when I started this blog, in the days when I was dying for my vacation to end so I could go to work for 120 days. Now, less than a week under my belt, and I wish I was home!

My wife is the worst ham when a camera shows up. I, on the other hand, look like the guy who works at the local dump, and is forbidden from interacting with the customers.


PG said...

perhaps, but the world needs the dump workers.

and i have been thinking, 'inappropriately' seems harsh. It's not as though it's 'wrong' for you to have a hot foreign wife. perhaps 'disproportionately'?

just thinking out lout.

bigsoxfan said...