Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Author's vain note: this picture was taken 2 years ago, in January. I'm not actually that fat. Couple of sweatshirts were on that day.

Also, for prying eyes: disposable camera w/ no flash. Intrinsically safe, yo. No electrical parts.

Well, with our second week at anchor well underway, the days are blending in together such that anything that happened since we dropped the hook no longer has a timeline... it's all just 'before.' Here's a great example. Here is pretty much how yesterday went:

0715: up and out, grab a can of diet pepsi to go.
0720: bowl o' oatmeal
0730: morning ablutions, check email.
0755: morning meeting
0800-1000. sort stencil kits, label valves on deck
1000-1030- coffee break
1030-1200. ospho wash front of house.
1200-1300- lunch, email.
1300-1500. Hydroblast port side of cargo control room.
1500-1530. Coffee break, email.
1530-1700. finish hydroblasting, rig a deck light for positioning on port side king post, clean up tools, sweep.
1700-1730 Dinner.
1730-1930. Overtime: prime hydroblasted areas.
1945-1950- laundry
1950-2200- finish Doom3
2200-2300-read, relax.
2300-lights out.

Just rereading that bums me out. I'm in a rut. Hope they get some cargo for this bucket!


Bill Elms said...

That sounds like a hell of a long day bro! Hey I love that pic of the anchor at the top of your page! Way cool man!

VMan said...

Yeah....but Doom 3's pretty good.