Tuesday, September 5, 2017

This might suck

Well, pretty much every prediction is that my house is gonna be in a trouble spot when Hurricane Irma says hello to Florida.

 I'm hopeful. My town proper is between all the models' spaghetti paths, which might mean we take our beating and be thankful it wasn't worse... might not work out that way, too.

 Either way, I'm breaking this tour and heading home tomorrow. On the chance that we'll take a direct strike from a category 4-5 hurricane, my place is there, not here.

 I'm in touch with a bunch of folks from my region. I've been able to chat with some very cool people in the gun and literature world in the past 24 hours. Kinda neat. Storm brought us together.

 Well, regardless, I'm going home. Back next week, all things being equal.


Judy said...

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Stay safe. If possible, take the family out of Florida.

Irish said...

Stay safe Paul.

Anonymous said...

Stay safe, try not to get caught in the crowds of panicing evacuationies.


Capt Jill said...

Good luck! I hope you and your family can stay safe. Avoid the traffic jams at all costs!
We used to just hunker down for a good old hurricane party when I lived over there, but I've never been through a cat 5 storm.

I'm on a rig just South of the Mississippi Delta. First work I've had in a long while. They offered to let me leave for Harvey since it was sitting over my house for a few days. I'm lucky I don't have any family to worry about. I'm actually much safer on the ship.

Bob said...

Good luck and stay safe

doubletrouble said...

Keep yerself & the family safe, brother.
We'll say a Catlick prayer for y'all.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Paul, hope your home and family makes it through.